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Flight Attendant: Ensuring Safe Travels

Being in the air, meeting a lot of people, traveling the world – what a dream! Imagine getting paid to fly to New York, Tokyo, Paris… Get going and reach for the skies! Here are some movies on the lives flight attendants. Also, some books that can help get into the industry. Lastly, a game that might just fancy your interest.


Baggage Claim: As a flight attendant, you are always on the go and finding the right partner can be difficult. Being up the sky for so long makes it harder for you to settle down and ground yourself. Take it from Montana Moore (Paula Patton) as she searching for the right man in a months time!

View from the Top: Ever dreamt of becoming a first-class international flight attendant and travel the world? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get there? You might just get along and sympathize with Donna (Gwyneth Paltrow) in this movie as she struggles and fights her way to the top!

Pan Am: One of the most glamorous during the 1960s is brought back to life in this TV series. This show will bring you into the world of fancy stewardesses and handsome pilots as they juggle life traveling around the world.

Books and Magazines

The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant (by Kiki Ward): A book written by a long-time flight attendant, Kiki Ward, who wishes to impart knowledge and inspire people to pursue becoming a flight attendant. This guidebook will help prospective flight attendants navigate and understand the process of applying and tips on how to succeed! Get ahead and read up!

50 More Tales of Flight: Stories about the world above. Read about the beauty and the fearfulness of the skies! This is a wonderful set of stories not just about the mechanical and transportation aspect of flying but also the experience, feelings, and wonders the flight can bring.


First Class Flurry: The airline goes bankrupt and Claire the flight attendant has to do her part and help rebuild the business. Help Claire service the passengers and satisfy their needs!

Having fun so far? Check out our Career Conversations section and watch a video of flight attendants speak about their work and academic journey! Learn what a flight attendant does day in and day out! Click here to find out more.


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