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AB Literature Or BFA Creative Writing: What’s The Difference?

So you really loved reading and writing in English class. Or maybe you’ve spent countless hours flipping through novels, or jotting down your poems and stories. And now you want to take your passion for the written word to the next level—college.

But should you take up AB Literature or BFA Creative Writing? What’s the difference?

It boils down to this question: Would you rather study literature or produce literature?

Those two choices define the main difference between the two programs:  

AB Literature

AB Literature deals with the analysis and evaluation of literary texts. Your fondness for reading will evolve into a scholarly appreciation of literature.

Typically, Literature majors do not have to create original works. Instead, students will be writing critical essays.

Moreover, you will be studying various literature across cultures, widening your awareness of different perspectives. The course will develop your critical thinking, communication skills and understanding of culture.

Possible careers:

  • Editorial assistant – Produce journals, magazines, books, and digital products.
  • English as a foreign language teacher – Teach adults and children whose first language is not English.
  • Translator – Translate written material, making sure the translated version accurately conveys the meaning of the original.
  • Book editor – Review manuscripts and book proposals to decide whether books should be published.  

BFA Creative Writing

Meanwhile, BFA Creative Writing is about creating written works.  Yes, you will also be reading all kinds of literature—but with a writer’s eye (i.e. applying different writing techniques to your own craft).

The fun part is exploring the genres of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, as you find your specialization. Expect a workshop style of learning, wherein you will critique the works of your peers and vice versa.

Possible careers:

  • Publication writer or editor
  • Public relations officer – Use various media and plan publicity campaigns to build and sustain a good image for a company or brand.
  • Copywriter – Write creative texts such as commercial jingles, taglines, and online ads.    
  • Teacher of language and literature
  • Journalist, scriptwriter, or producer

So, are you a reader or a writer? Choose the path that excites you. And when you do what you love, the perseverance to excel will follow.  

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