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What’s the Difference: Bachelor of Fine Arts vs. BFA Information Design

Fascinated by arts and design? Want to turn your artistic passion into a career? BFA Fine Arts and BFA Information Design are just two of the many degree paths that you can take!

But what is the difference between the two? Is one course better than the other? How do you know which one do you fit in? If you’re confused about these two degrees, here are some of the essential things you need to know:

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts is a 4-year degree program intended to help students in developing their artistic skills in various areas such as theater arts, interior design, visual arts, photography, electronic media, as well as creative writing.  

What are the subjects that I will encounter in BFA?

Under the BFA program, students will have a chance to engage in a variety of hands-on experimentation and creative explorations on a range of mediums including painting, photography, sculpture, and graphic design.

What are the career options for BFA graduates?

Contrary to popular belief that BFA graduates are all “struggling artists,” they can actually pursue a number of careers in different industries. They can work as set designer for film and theater, photojournalist, painter, sculptor, animator, fashion designer, food stylist, cartoonist, and a lot more.


BFA Information Design

Covering a more specific area in Fine Arts, the difference between Bachelor of Fine Arts and BFA Information Design is that BFA Information Design is designed with the goal of effectively presenting relevant information to be received and understood by its target audiences. Information Design aims to provide students with the knowledge of various design and communication theories, as well as the procedures and techniques in graphic designing.

What are the subjects that I will encounter in BFA Information Design?

Studying BFA Information Design will expose you to a number of topics including design theory and procedures, designing for print and web, branding and identity, and information architecture.

What are the career options for BFA Information Design graduates?

Information Design graduates have a chance to work as graphic designers creating marketing collaterals, web and software interface designs, and branding for various industries like media, advertising, publishing, and corporate communications.

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