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Treat Yourself To These 4 Online Nutrition Courses

“I’m on a diet,” says someone with a bowl of salad, probably.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re all for eating healthy and all that, but is a diet really just about skipping carbs, sweets, and fatty foods? That’s what most people seem to believe. Do you? 

With all the popular diet plans available online and offline, it seems that there’s no need to remind you to eat a well-balanced diet. (If you need a little reminding, we got it all right here!) The question is, what makes a diet a healthy diet? 

Since ‘diet’ seems to be a buzzword for anyone who wants to get healthy and look good, it’s high time we understand better what it really means. And if you’re interested to learn more about diet and all things nutrition, you’re in for a treat! Know the right diet for you by taking one or all of these 4 online nutrition courses:


1. Nutrition and Wellbeing

There’s no better way to start a healthy lifestyle than debunking myths and misconceptions about health and nutrition. In this online course, you will learn about what goes into a “healthy diet,” as well as the principles of healthy eating. Maybe after you finish all the lessons, you can eat your favorite food without feeling guilty! 

Just in case you’re planning a group study sesh soon, we listed down healthy dorm-approved snacks for you and your barkada! (You can thank us later.)

Course Duration: 4 weeks

Weekly Learning: 3 hours


2. Superfoods: Myths and Truths

What makes a superfood… super? We’re pretty sure you’ve heard this term at least once or twice (or a gazillion times from your mom), but it’s always good to know what the term actually means, and what role it plays on your diet. After this online course, you can assess how much or how few superfoods you are eating on a daily basis. Please, don’t forget to share your learnings with us!

P.S. Did you know green tea is a superfood?

Course Duration: 4 weeks

Weekly Learning: 3 hours


3. Understanding Different Diets: Mediterranean, Baltic sea, and Okinawa

Just one search on the web, and you’ll find a million results on diet plans. The question is, what is the right one for you? Well, this online course will help you understand the different diets so you know what suits you best.

By understanding the basics of Mediterranean, Baltic sea and Okinawa diets, you’ll learn easy recipes you can do in your own dorm! Plus, you get a beginner’s guide to carbohydrates, oils, and proteins. These food components aren’t always bad, you know. 

Course Duration: 4 weeks

Weekly Learning: 2 hours


4. Brain and Behavior: Regulating Body Weight

Ever wonder why some people have a hard time gaining or losing weight more than others? Or maybe you’ve asked that about yourself! This online course aims to answer that age-old question and explore the factors that influence people’s weight, appetite, and food choices. Who knows, maybe you’ll know the secret to reach your ideal body weight!

Course Duration: 3 weeks

Weekly Learning: 4 hours


You’ve been taught the go, grow, and glow food groups since elementary. Now, you got plenty of online resources to upskill your nutrition facts! Are you interested to learn more? If you want to take your knowledge on diets a little further, go ahead and check out nutrition-related college courses and career paths you can pursue. (Of course, after you take one or all of these online nutrition courses. Happy learning!)

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