Edukasyon.ph - National Commission for Muslim Filipinos Partnership

National Commission for Muslim Filipinos, Edukasyon.ph ink Agreement on scholarships

Thousands of Muslim Filipino students will have more information on scholarships with the recent Memorandum of Agreement signed between Edukasyon.ph and the National Commission of Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) on scholarships for Muslim Filipinos.

“We are happy to be partners with the NCMF for this information initiative that will help more Muslim Filipinos get the education that they need. We want to empower young Muslim Filipinos with the information on the educational opportunities that are available to them for better futures,” said Linartes Viloria, Chief Executive Officer of Edukasyon.ph.

The NCMF-Edukasyon partnership is spearheaded by NCMF Commissioner for Youth, Atty. Edilwasif Baddiri.  The partnership includes the posting of educational opportunities both locally and abroad  that Muslim Filipinos can avail of. These scholarships include opportunities in Muslim studies and studies abroad in Muslim countries. The partnership also includes cooperation in offline and online activities for the promotion of educational opportunities for Muslim Filipinos.


“Our Muslim youth will greatly benefit from this online opportunity to find out more about their educational opportunities here and abroad. Having the right information on college education and scholarships is key to facilitating access to education, and this is what we want to achieve via this partnership,” said Honorable Yasmin Busran-Lao, Secretary of the National Commission of Muslim Filipinos.

The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos, is the primary government agency through which Muslim Filipinos can seek government assistance and redress, on policies and programs affecting them, including educational programs for Muslim Filipino communities.

“Information on education should not be a privilege enjoyed only by the few. We want to give students, parents and teachers, the information needed to find the right school, the right scholarship that can make the education dream possible. This partnership for Muslim Filipinos is a crucial step to that dream of getting a good education,” said Viloria.


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