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Explore The Sciences With These DOST Scholarships

When Dr. Jose Rizal said “the youth is the hope of our nation,” the government might have been taking down notes.

As the government’s pioneer in accelerating the development of the science and technology (S&T) industry in the country, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) continues to provide scholarships for qualified students who wish to pursue a career in S&T.

This scholarship program banks on the idea that talented Filipino youths will be able to steer the country towards national progress through the power of education. As more students pursue science-related courses, we can look forward to a future with steady and adequate supply of innovators! #exciting

After its two-year hiatus because of the K-12 implementation, the program reached its peak with an all-time high of almost 9,000 students who will be entering college this school year as DOST scholars. What a good time to be alive for aspiring engineers and scientists in the country!

These brilliant minds will join the current roster of scholars who are enjoying these benefits:

  • P7,000 monthly stipend
  • Tuition fee subsidy
  • Book allowance
  • MS/PE clothing allowance
  • One economy-class roundtrip fare per year for those studying outside of their
    home province
  • Group accident insurance

Interested to apply as a DOST scholar? Here are the undergraduate scholarships you can choose from:


Science and Technology Scholarship Program (Republic Act No. 7687)

If basic sciences, engineering, other applied sciences, and science and mathematics teaching excite you, then RA 7687 is for you! Also known as the “Science and Technology Scholarship Act of 1994”, this scholarship encourages talented and deserving students to pursue S&T courses deemed as #priorities by the DOST.


Junior Level Science Scholarship Program (Republic Act No. 10612)

What better way to strengthen the S&T industry in the country than equipping the very people who will teach the students the basics to its most complex. RA 10612 focuses on empowering students of science-related courses to pursue a career in teaching secondary schools throughout the country.

As the name suggests, this scholarship is dedicated for students in their third year in college. Isn’t that great, juniors?


DOST-SEI Merit Scholarship Program

Are you the next Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs? Well, DOST recognizes talent when they see one. If you are highly inclined to science and mathematics, you might be interested to apply for the DOST-SEI Merit Scholarship Program. Simply put, it rewards students with high aptitude towards these fields should they decide to pursue a career in S&T.


Are you qualified for a DOST scholarship?

All of these opportunities are right at your fingertips! To qualify for the scholarship, you just have to meet the minimum grade requirement, pass the S&T Scholarship Examination, submit the necessary documents, and make sure you are an eligible candidate as determined by DOST’s scholarship guidelines. You got this!


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