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5 Amazing things about Agri-fishery Arts and Home Economics

Know these things and then you’re off to the REAL world!

1.    Hello, world! 

If you’re one of the kids who just love field trips, you’ll definitely love this strand! Learners taking the Agri-Fishery Arts Strand will have to do things such as “sample and analyze the soil for water holding capacity,” “read the tidal level,” and “set up aerators.” You can’t do those inside the 4 walls of your classroom so get ready to explore the world!


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2. Grants National Certificate II

National Certificate II or more popularly known as NCII are issued when a candidate has demonstrated competence in all units of competency that comprised a Qualification. Completers of the TVL track receive the NC II, which means having an increased employability!


3. If they call you hospitable, ito na yun!

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Want to be in the Hospitality industry? This is the strand for you! If you take the Home Economics strand, you can take specializations like Attractions and Theme Parks, Bartending, Tourism Promotion Services, and Travel Services.

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4. It’s super hands-on.

You can’t learn caregiving without a real patient. And you can’t master Animal Health Care Management without real animals. Thus in this strand, get ready for immersion wherein you’ll have to complete hours. You can’t get any ‘real’ than that.


5. A college degree is not a must!

The Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) track was made for students who want to make a living right away without even pursuing college. The jobs that you can get after completing this track are careers that do not necessarily need a college degree. That means you can be a helping hand to your parents! #Independence

Ready for the world? READY!

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