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6 Things You Need to Do Before Graduating Senior High School

Aside from the friends and memories you make during your stay, the best part of senior high school is learning everything that you can right before college, and focusing on yourself before graduating can help you in the long run.

And what better way to help you grow as a student than through constant learning and self-development!

So what can you do in the meantime while you’re still in senior high?

Take an internship.

Pick any internship and balance it with your studies. It might sound hard balancing it with your studies, but the job experience can catch prospective employers’ eyes, which can help you in the long run!


Do you have outreach activities in your school? From blood drives to charities for children, setting aside some time for the less fortunate builds character and can inevitably make a difference in other people’s lives.

Join an organization.

Pick any organization related to your track. Chances are these organizations have a niche that can help you improve your skills in that particular field, which you can further hone once you either choose to work or pursue higher education after senior high.

Hone your basic skills.

Don’t take your english, math, science, and reading skills for granted! You’ll need to have a solid grasp of these skills if you want to pursue higher education or even if you intend to take jobs right after senior high school.

Brush up your technical skills.

In a world where technology continues to evolve, learning how maneuver computer programs is a useful skill that you can acquire either during class or on your own. Most industries demand a certain knowledge of technological skills from students and prospective employees, so best to start mastering them as much as you can!

Take a trip to the Guidance Office.

Find time to go to your guidance counselor at least once a year to help you assess your life goals and your academic schedule. If you need more help in figuring out what you can do for your career, they can help you with that.

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