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How To Get Paid Internships for Filipino Students

“Practice makes perfect” — or permanent. Whichever it is, you’ll need both if you want to be ready to land your dream job. There is no better way to learn the ropes than through experience and mentorship. And that‘s exactly what internships give – a chance to test the water, a chance to learn from someone who has been on that career path for years, a chance to get acquainted with the culture of the industry you’re getting yourself into.

When it comes to paid internships for Filipino students though, while the experience is quite fulfilling, not a lot of companies are generous on compensation. That said, how do you know which internship to take? Here are a few pieces of advice.

Know what you want out of the internship

Knowing what you want out of the internship will help you discern your priorities. Are you interning for the experience? Are you looking to expand your network from there? Is it a mentor that you’re looking to have? When you know what you want out of it, it’ll be easier to decide on which one to say yes to.

It also helps to align what you want out of your internship to how that will help you land your dream job. In fact, here’s a list of internships that will get you ready for your dream job!

Leverage your assets

Number one rule in any negotiation – always put yourself in the best position to win. And you do that by showing how valuable you are or can be. The same goes for scoring internships. Off the bat, show them what they can gain when they take you as an intern. If you have special skills for making pitch decks, or graphic designing or coding – own up to it and show it off! These are very valuable skills for companies. In fact, the highest paid internships for Filipino students (or just students in general) are in the fields of computer science and engineering. So if you have anything to contribute in those fields, it’s time to show them what you can do!

Offer to help your titos and titas who have businesses

One sure way to learn on the field and get compensated for it is through your connections. If you have titos and titas who either own businesses or are well-connected, there’s no shame in asking for an opportunity to learn and grow in the field you’re trotting. Having an “insider” is a good strategy to get exposed to the kind of growth you need. But it also comes with a heavier responsibility because you’ll be carrying with you the name and reputation of the person who referred you. So, put on your best adult outfit, and get ready to slay all day. When it comes to pulling in a favor, be sure you put your best performance ever.

Consider alternative payment options

Instead of being set on receiving stipends for your internship, why not negotiate alternative payment options? The reason compensation is important is because it enables us to do our job well. Sure, it covers expenses that take us to and fro work, it keeps us fed throughout the day, and rewards our hard work. But these are things that could be covered alternatively. Maybe you could barter for food and transportation allowance. Depending on the company you work for, you could even negotiate to be compensated in products or services! There’s always a workaround, once you’ve developed the skill of negotiation.

Apply for international chambers of commerce

International chambers of commerce are business communities that gather companies lead by certain nationalities.

I.e: ANZCHAM or the Australian – New Zealand chamber of commerce, Philippines, there’s also the AMCHAM or the American chamber of commerce, NORDCHAM, Nordic chamber of commerce, etc.

Point being, these international chambers of commerce are in need of interns to help them gather businesses led by their citizens in another country – like the Philippines. They welcome fresh grads or people who are looking for paid internships for Filipino students in sales and marketing and have allotted budget for these positions!

Go old school

Lastly, go old school! Be a strong independent student and work your way to that internship. Start looking through companies online, write and email and attach your CV and send it to their HR department. You can ask if they have intern positions that are open and impress them during your interview!

We, at Edukasyon.ph understand the struggle of transitioning from being a student to entering the workforce. Hence, if you’re looking for resources on getting paid internships or more how-to’s we’d love to be there for you. Check out more of our blogs at work-life balance!