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Top 5 Myths Young Girls Were Told

In the Philippines, where patriarchy is still apparent, parents, teachers, and even mass media unconsciously impart sexist and debilitating ideas to young girls. Society is changing and it’s crucial to foster a progressive community—one that is supportive of women, especially young female students, and their potential beyond what is culturally expected.

You’re meant to stay at home and take care of the household.

Often, women are expected to finish school, get married, and become a housewife. There’s nothing wrong with that, but what if you want to pursue a career or cultivate a passion? When a girl realizes that she can be anything she wants to be and is given the opportunity to do so, she can be a homemaker and still have a career of her own.

Kababae mong tao…

Girls are expected to act a certain way. When they’re anything but prim and proper, elders are quick to call them out as not being lady-like. When a girl plays sports, that doesn’t mean she’s any less a girl than she is when she’s playing with her dolls. She can be both!

You’re subordinate to your husband.

Since young girls are taught that the husband is the head of the household, they are made to follow whatever their partner wants. This gives the impression that a woman does not have the power to choose what she does. But in reality, a partnership where both parties have a say in how a household is run or even what goes on in their relationship is a strong and healthy one.

Household chores are your responsibility.

Women are expected to take care of domestic duties such as cleaning the home and cooking meals. While it’s a great way to teach them how to be responsible, it’s not a job that’s solely relegated to women. These chores can be done by either gender and they’re not automatically a woman’s job.

You’re only meant for specific jobs.

Instead of opening a world of opportunities for young girls, they’re suddenly boxed into stereotyped choices for women. The truth is, there are no girls-only or boys-only courses or jobs. If they’re taught to choose what interests them and what they feel strongly about regardless of gender, then they’re one step closer to reaching their full potential.

Times are most definitely changing and young girls are meant for bigger, brighter things. The next time someone tells you that you can’t do something or be a certain way because you’re a girl, just tell them the opposite.

You can be precisely anything because you’re a girl.

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