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4 Myths about Business-Related Courses: Busted!

If you’re looking up educational opportunities post-high school, chances are you’ve encountered a business-related course at some point during your search. After all, business courses are among the most popular, flexible, and in-demand courses at any given time. 

People commonly see business-related courses as a necessary step in the road to prosperity and a good career. This is not surprising since the top companies in the country would want somebody who has studied how to run a business to be in a position of responsibility. Don’t lie: the allure of job security and a steady income is probably the main reason why you’re even looking into a business-related course in the first place.

That said, for a field of study that is so well-known, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding business courses. For you to get a better picture of what to expect when pursuing a business-related course, we are about to bust some of the most common myths about business-related courses.

Myth #1: All business-related courses require you to start your own business.

First things first: there is a very big difference between business administration and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is all about starting a business and getting it off the ground. On the other hand, business administration (or business management) talks about the day-to-day affair of keeping a business running and operational.

For this reason, there are actually a lot of fields of study that fall under the term “business courses”. These can include courses that are directly related to business administration, like accountancy, finance, and marketing, as well as courses that are not part of business administration per se but can help in running a company, such as legal management or economics. 

So, if you’re afraid that you don’t have the creative juices or connections to create a business from scratch, don’t let that stop you from taking a business-related course. There are plenty of enough opportunities in the field of management education to suit your own interests and skills. 

Myth #2: To excel in a business-related course, I have to be good at math.

Math – the common enemy of a decent majority of the student population. Given how business ultimately comes down to numbers, it is understandable that people think that you have to be good with numbers to excel at business. And that math-fearing folk tend to be wary of pursuing an education or career in business. 

Although, yes, you will have to do math in business, the truth is that being a good manager or businessperson is not dependent on how fast you can solve equations or calculate sums in your head. Sure, you will be expected to know the basics well, but there are so many other, more important skills that come into play when working in the business. These include problem-solving skills, leadership skills, organization skills, and many more. So, don’t let a few less-than-stellar math grades stop you from succeeding in business.

Myth #3: Taking a business-related course means I have to work in a top company.

From its name alone, business-related courses are typically associated with working in, well, businesses. Whether this means working for an established company or starting your own, those who study business are expected to end up serving in the private sector and all of its capitalistic glory. However, this is not the only path available to you.

The skills that business courses can teach you can be applied in a wide variety of fields. You can use your education for the better and help run make sure that foundations, NGOs, and even government agencies are run more efficiently. After all, these organizations still deal with money in one way or another, and their operations need to be as effective and efficient as possible to ensure that they are giving their communities the best service possible. If you want to use your education in business to make a positive change in society, there are plenty of opportunities out there for you to show that business is about more than making a profit.

Myth #4: You can only take a business-related course in college.

It’s a common misconception to think that education stops with a degree, whether this is in college or in grad school. In today’s world, that is simply not the case anymore. There are plenty of opportunities for you to learn outside the classroom, such as attending seminars and talks. And now, thanks to online learning, getting a crash course in the workings of business has never been easier.

There are plenty of short and nano courses that you can take online about different business topics – ranging from the basics like accounting to more hard-hitting issues like corporate social responsibility and the impact of digitization. And the best part of the deal is: a good number of these courses can be taken for free! Don’t waste this opportunity to mean business when it comes to expanding your skills and knowledge.

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