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The (Not-So-Secret) Survival Guide To Law School

There’s no need for argument.

Law school is hard beyond reasonable doubt, and we’ve got strong evidence to prove it. If you’re an incoming freshman or in school already, you should know that in-between passing the test and practicing the law comes the real challenge: surviving law school and everything that comes with it (read: not to scare you but yes, survive).

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While not everyone gets admitted in law school, not everyone stays admitted in law school too—the clincher usually favors the determined and prepared. So before you panic your way out, calm down and remember these 10 not-so-secret tips that’ll (hopefully) help you get through law school alive and kicking:


1. Develop the right mindset.

Say bye-bye to your undergrad level thinking and adopt a grad school mindset from Day 1! Law school is gonna look A WHOLE LOT different from college (read: heavier workload plus higher expectations) so save yourself from unnecessary comparison and put your game face on right from your freshman year!

Pro Bono tip:

Declutter your heart, mind and soul before you enter law school. It’s gonna be a tough battle out there, you’d want to come prepared.

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2. Study your study habit.

Know your superpower! What works for others may or may not necessarily work for you. Sure, learn from others but make sure to study the way you know best! Law school is hard but finding a study habit that works for you might make it a lil more bearable. #need

Pro Bono tip:

Practice taking old exams. This is a no-fail way to study for a test!

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3. Learn to read.

As if it needs any special mention, we’re putting it out here just the same: prepare to read A TON throughout law school. Reading fast and actually understanding what it means is an important skill you need to learn pronto. Read, read, read! The sooner you learn to love reading, the sooner you’ll adjust to the law school life.

Pro Bono tip:

Skim, scan, understand and take down notes. Have you tried the Cornell Note-taking method?

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4. Be organized.

Before all the readings drown you, save yourself from the mess and organize your life (read: files)! What good is a regular study period if half your time goes to hunting down your notes, right? Put everything where you can easily retrieve it when necessary. You can thank us later!

Pro Bono tip:

Being organized looks different for everyone. Are you the one to keep track of nitty-gritty details? Keeping track with a planner might help!

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5. Don’t procrastinate.

Never mind if you put the pro in procrastination, your last-minute adrenaline rush won’t do you any good come law school. How do you plan to recite a case study word for word if you skimmed through it five minutes before class? Unless you hold the time stone, study when you say you’re going to study. Let discipline spare you from unnecessary stress.

Pro Bono tip:

Set an earlier deadline than what your professor gave you. Procrastination is costly, but punctuality pays off!

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6. Never stop learning.

There are some lessons that make sense better when applied in real life, especially when you want to pursue law. Learn as much in homeroom lectures as you would in conferences and workshops. But don’t be confined with those either! Read often, listen intently, watch carefully. Make learning a lifestyle!

Pro Bono tip:

Get in the habit of reading your professor’s reference materials. They’re a gold mine!



7. Invest in relationships.

There’s hardly anyone who made it through law school alone—you can’t and you don’t have to. Involve people in your journey! Join a group study to help you with difficult topics, consult with your prof for an upcoming exam, or just be part of a support group!

Pro Bono tip:

Law school isn’t just about getting a degree. Learn to network too! Who knows if some of ‘em become your work colleagues someday?

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8. Stay fit and healthy.

Law school is tough. Make sure you’re emotionally, mentally and physically prepared! While the first two are often emphasized already, remember too that your body functions better when properly cared for. Eat right, sleep right, and exercise daily if you can. You’ll never go wrong with taking care of your body. #selflove

Pro Bono tip:

Skip the junk food. Stack up on brain food!



9. Find your happy place.

No matter how busy law school can get, promise yourself to pause once in a while and take a breather. You need it! Whether it’s a quick hangout with your squad or Netflix and chill, go ahead and do it. Remember, you have life outside legal briefings too!

Pro Bono tip:

Intentionally put sanity breaks in your schedule. Do a non-study activity or a do-nothing time. If it recharges you, it counts.



10. Cling on what motivates you.

When the going gets tough, go back to your starting point, to your why. What’s your goal when you first decided to take the PhilSAT? When you realize that every hard-earned grade in a recitation or quiz inches you closer to becoming a lawyer, it’s hard not to give it your best every time. Whatever motivates you, cling on it.

Pro Bono tip:

Ever had a vision board? Create one and put it where you’ll easily see it!



By this time, it’s pretty clear that entering law school is not a walk in the park. For sure, it’s gonna be a long winding road and you’ve got to be ready for it. So while you’re still on your way to win cases in courtrooms, keep this survival guide in mind and slay your case studies in the classroom. We’re rooting for you, future lawyer!

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