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Online Learning: Keep Up, At Your Own Pace

What do Venus Williams, Nelson Mandela, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Shaquille O’ Neal have in common?

Yes, all of them are famous and successful, but another thing that they share is that, at the peak of their careers, they were also finishing their higher education, thanks to distance education.

Most people think that going to school is a full-time gig. As a student, you’d have to show up to school every day and spend the whole day there attending classes. It does take up so much time that it has become acceptable to write “student” as an occupation as if it were a job in itself. However, this does not always have to be the case. Education cannot – and should not – be confined to the four walls of a classroom. Learning can happen anywhere, and that is the philosophy behind non-classroom-based instruction. 

Non-classroom-based learning opportunities are especially important for professionals, including athletes, actors, and musicians who spend most of their days in training or at rehearsals, or even away from home for competitions, tours, or location shoots. It’s difficult for them to commit to attending school full-time. Hence, these alternative learning opportunities allow them to earn their degrees without having to drop all their other commitments.

Of course, you don’t have to be a celeb to benefit from this! There are many self-supporting students who need to juggle their full class schedules and coursework with their work shifts. Without having to spend so much time in a classroom, these working students are able to better balance their schedules and make their education more feasible. 

Thankfully, there are various platforms today that allow even the busiest among us to earn a higher education degree. Here are some ways to continue your education without having to be a full-time student:

Distance Learning

Don’t let distance get in the way of your education

Don’t let distance get in the way of your education

Even though it may seem like a thoroughly new concept, distance learning has actually been around for quite a while. Stripped down to the basics, distance learning simply refers to education that occurs without being physically present or having any face-to-face interaction at school. 

In the past, distance learning involved self-studying on your own using specific books or resources and then sending any coursework to teachers through the mail. Today, distance learning can be conducted through emails, messaging apps, and even a school’s own learning management system, making it easier and more convenient than ever before.

Distance learning opens up a whole bunch of opportunities that you wouldn’t get with traditional classroom-based education. Through distance learning, you can keep up with your studies even on a hectic, travel-filled schedule, or even earn a degree from a university abroad. This makes it ideal for anyone who does not want to be tied down to a specific location for the sole purpose of working towards a higher education.

Online Learning

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One of the most popular forms of distance learning is online learning, which takes place exclusively on the internet, where lessons are delivered online and assignments are submitted digitally. Unlike other forms of distance learning, online learning still allows for feedback and guidance from an instructor. This allows a student to learn and complete the same work as those in full-time schooling, but without having to set foot in a school building. 

There are a number of advantages to online learning. Thanks to technology, you can follow classes in real-time as they are being conducted in actual lecture halls anywhere in the world. You also get to learn at your own pace, to review recorded lectures as many times as you want, and to work at whatever time of the day. 

Blended Learning

Blended learning is exactly that–a mix of the traditional classroom setup and select distance learning methods. The best of both worlds, basically. 

The opportunities that blended learning provides are endless. For example, you can choose to take some courses that require classroom attendance, while you may opt for pure online learning for others. Some courses might only require physical attendance half the time, with the rest of the work done online. This makes blended learning ideal for those who have too much on their plate to devote themselves to full-time study, but would still want the social experience that comes with being in a classroom.

Blended learning can also introduce some innovative concepts when it comes to education. One of these is the flipped classroom. Here, instead of spending class hours listening to lectures and after-hours doing homework, you do the reverse. You learn the lessons outside the classroom – by watching videos or studying select resources. And once in the classroom, teachers guide you through the necessary coursework, allowing you to focus on specific parts of the lesson that you might be struggling with. This allows you to maximize your educational opportunities, making them relevant and understandable to you. 

To learn more about the different non-classroom-based learning opportunities available to you, visit the Edukasyon.ph portal.