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So, You Think You Can Learn Online?

Education as we know it is about to change completely.

For the first time, online learning and online classes have become the default mode of education. Although homeschool programs are already a thing and many universities do offer degrees online, face-to-face classes in schools are still considered the norm. Until now, that is.

With quarantine measures still in place, no one knows when we will be able to have face-to-face classes again. So, until that day comes, students will be forced to learn from their homes, which is quite a drastic change from sitting at a desk all day alongside your peers and listening to a teacher right in front of you. If you’ve tried some form of online learning before – be it finishing entire lessons on Khan Academy or completing certificate courses from prestigious universities – then you have an idea of how to properly go about your online classes. If you haven’t, however, the adjustments you will need to make can be quite substantial. 

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Online classes are a completely different ball game compared with the lectures in classrooms that you know. And like it or not, they are here to stay. So, before the school year formally begins, you’d best be preparing for how you’re going to handle this completely new learning environment. Here are some of the essentials you will need to have by your side if you want to slay your online classes:

The Right Technology

The key part of online learning is the online aspect. This is what sets it apart from traditional classroom education – that all of your lectures, homework, and interactions with your teacher will be done through the Internet. It thus goes without saying that you will need access to a few bits of technology for you to be able to effectively participate in your online classes, namely: a stable Internet connection, a laptop or tablet, and preferably, a printer.

For the purposes of watching lectures and accessing resource materials, you don’t need anything very fancy or high-tech. Instead of going for the latest models, there are some affordable options that will suit the purposes of online learning just fine. 

Although affordability remains a barrier for many students in getting their hands on the technology necessary for online learning, thankfully there are ongoing efforts to help give financially struggling students access to an Internet connection and laptop for the purposes of online learning. The Philippines – and the world – still has a long way to go to make online learning accessible to everyone, but the current situation is certainly helping us get there a bit faster.

The Right Study Environment

Schools are specifically designed to help you focus on your academics and get the best out of your brain. Unfortunately, we can’t exactly say the same about our homes. Between the bed and the television alone, there are already enough distractions that make it so easy to derail your productivity. It’s no wonder that many people complain that they cannot get any work done at home. 

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There are, however, ways that you can make your home feel like a classroom or an office. By doing some simple redesigning to your designated workspace, you can start your day feeling motivated to accomplish your tasks for the day. Before you know it, you’ll be able to study in piece and get your work done at a home office that is worthy of Instagram.

The most important thing to keep in mind when fixing up your work station is to tailor it to what motivates you. You want it to feel like a place that is solely for working, so it is best to keep its contents and surroundings similar to what you would find in an office or at school. This way, when you’re studying, you can forget that you’re only a few steps away from the bed and all the unproductivity that comes with it.

The Right Plan

For you to maximize your online learning experience, you need to have clear goals on what you want to learn and accomplish. Otherwise, you might find yourself completely confused by the lesson flow and ending each day without knowing exactly what you have learned from the class.

This is why it is crucial to ensure that each of your school days is well-organized. This will allow you to focus on your classes and structure your day around the tasks that you need to accomplish. You also get to stay motivated, knowing that everything you’re doing has a purpose and is benefitting you. 

Before you begin your classes, make sure that you are prepared and well-informed about how your online classes are going to work. As you stick to your learning plan, you will find that it is so much you can learn from your home. Beyond academic knowledge, you get to develop a sense of discipline and responsibility, which might even be more useful to you in life.

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