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Things You Can Learn from Online Education (That Are Unrelated to Academics)

For better or worse, quarantine has made us experts at being homebodies. Really, when was the last time you got to binge so many TV shows one after another? Or finally, check items off your to-read list? Or (re)discovered a hobby? In some ways, we’ve learned to make the most of this time spent at home. 

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But at the same time, being stuck at home has also brought a certain level of laziness and de-motivation, especially when it comes to schoolwork. When your bedroom doubles as your classroom, it can be tempting to fall asleep as you do your homework or even to leave all your work undone and instead spend the whole day on Netflix in your bed. For many students and parents alike, this has been one of the biggest struggles in the shift to online education.

That said, online education allows us to discover a whole different form of learning. Once we get past the initial misgivings, we realize that there is a lot to learn from learning online, and these are not limited to the usual things tackled in a classroom. 

Here are some of the essential life skills that you can learn from your experience with online education:

How to (properly) use the Internet 

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Online literacy is one of the most important skills today. It is not enough to know how to use the Internet – what links to click and what keyboard shortcuts to type in. With the vast amount of information available online, it is crucial to know how to use this information correctly. It is important to learn how to discern between credible sources and fake news.

With online education, you will naturally be using a wide range of digital learning resources, more than you ever will in a traditional classroom setup. Thus, discovering the digital realm becomes a learning experience in itself. From learning how to use all the special features on Zoom to find out about the treasure trove of textbooks, educational videos, and virtual resources, you will see just how much you can learn from the Internet. And once you’ve gotten a glimpse of what the Internet can actually teach you, telling this apart from unreliable sources becomes much easier.

How to make plans

Much like physical schooling, homeschooling also requires a concrete study plan. Before you decide to embark on the online learning journey, you have to come up with – and be sure of – your academic plan. First and foremost, this means deciding what to study, then choosing the right school (or course provider) and study program, plus coming up with a daily schedule that you should stick to so that you may finish your studies in time.

All of these are products of your own decision-making, so you have to be very sure about your level of commitment before taking the plunge. The plan will also be your own, so like it or not, you have to learn to be organized and hands-on with your academics. Once you start planning your studies, and as you continue following your study plan, you’ll see just how much easier it is to come up with a plan and stick to it. 

How to avoid distractions

Let’s face it: your home is one gigantic distraction from learning. There’s noise from your family, food easily within reach, and the allure of the bed and television. Online education, however, doesn’t really give you much of a choice. Learning must still go on, and it is up to you to find ways to deal with the situation around you.

This is exactly what the shift to online learning helps develop in you: the self-discipline to say NO to anything that might distract you from studying. You get to develop the habit of sticking to a schedule, no matter how tempting it may be to laze around the whole day. Once you get used to this, you’ll find that it’s a skill that you’ll end up retaining post-quarantine. Before you know it, worries about being unproductive and having “ADHD” will be a thing of the past.

How to become responsible for yourself

One thing about distance education, in general, is that it encourages you to be responsible for your own learning. Since you won’t have a teacher to constantly bug you about your progress, you have to be in charge of what, how, and when you learn. All decisions related to how you will go about your studies will ultimately have to come from you.  

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This means developing your own study habits and discovering how to make learning work for you. Take advantage of the opportunity that online learning provides to discover for yourself how you learn best, without the pressures of a classroom telling you what to do. This way, if you choose to return to the traditional classroom setup, you’ve got learning all figured out, and isn’t that a complete learning experience in itself?

If you want to give online education a try, head to the Edukasyon.ph portal to learn how to get started.