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Unlocking Your Job Potential During the Lockdown

The current shift to online education proves to us that learning is definitely not limited to the four walls of the classroom. While the internet has been increasingly used for school purposes, online learning is more than just about lessons that you will be graded on.

With a plethora of resources virtually available, you can also equip yourself with skills vital for the workplace, the next phase in your life. While various occupations entail specific expertise, certain skills are shared by many jobs and will prove useful for whatever career you have in mind.

Mastering spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are a powerful tool in the workplace that serves numerous purposes. On one hand, spreadsheets can run countless calculations and perform diverse accounting functions for any company concern that involves numbers. They are also the go-to instrument for planning and organizing—from schedules, charts, and logs.

While spreadsheets may not be a complete stranger as some school projects call for use of them, you can learn to master the ins and outs of this application. You can tinker around programs such as Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, or you can look up online tutorials for more structured learning.

Learning a new language

Proficiency in more than one language is a valuable asset in many jobs. While it has an obvious advantage to industries that center on global exchanges such as tourism, this skill is nonetheless a great addition to your skill set. According to Bilingua, with companies going global, bilingual or multilingual employees play key roles as businesses conduct transactions in many nations. Additionally, being competent in another language allows you to build meaningful connections with different kinds of people. This exposes you to various cultures and values through sharing ideas with others. It also allows you to develop empathy and understanding as you are able to interact with people on a deeper level.

Learning a language takes a lot of patience and hard work, but it is rewarding. Thankfully, apps such as Duolingo and Bilingua help make language-learning fun and engaging.

Understanding graphic design

Graphic design is a vital feature in many businesses because it serves as a medium to communicate their ideas and to market their products to their target audience. Every day, we absorb countless pieces of information visually—whether through TV commercials, magazine articles, and even Facebook ads—and graphic design plays a huge role in how all this information is presented to us. Understanding graphic design’s inner workings and learn how to create one’s own graphic works are great skills to add to your work expertise.

While this is already a given for careers in the multimedia arts, these skills are also helpful in occupations such as marketing and advertising. You can dive into established programs such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, or you can dabble in free alternatives such as Canva, Vectr, and Inkscape.

Developing videography/photography skills

Similar to the previous point, videography and photography are crucial skills for various industries as they provide ways to relay their ideas to their customers. Photographs and videos are present everywhere in our lives, from video-sharing and photo-sharing apps to print media. They serve multiple purposes, so their applications in careers are endless for you to choose form. Thus, being able to create compelling and striking photos and videos is a great skill set to acquire. This expertise can lead you to explore new places and experiences. It challenges you to see things from countless perspectives and to share meaningful stories through your lens. To jumpstart your learning, you can sign up for online courses on photography or videography.

These skills listed are only a few of the countless abilities you can hone to prepare yourself for your career with the help of digital resources. Through online courses, educational videos, and instructional apps and programs, there is no limit to what you can learn. While it is important to maximize these tools for current school purposes, these resources also allow you to dive into your particular interests any time, within the comfort of your own home. With determination and passion, you can equip yourself to become career-ready with more skills under your belt through online education. 


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