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PSA: Stop Making These Common Resume Mistakes

Everyone makes resume mistakes. Yes, even professionals back in their day. See, it’s hard to find a standard resume template or how-to guide. Mostly because jobs are so varied, you kind of have to format and compose your resume to your application. So to whoever comes up with a universal standard, a knighthood and canonization await you!

For now, we’ve already provided a couple of sleek but standout resume templates that wow recruiters. Now let’s tackle common resume mistakes you probably commit. This might be why you’re not getting those calls back. It’s alright, though. We’re pointing these out to help you fix them.

Your email looks unprofessional (or doesn’t contain your name)

If your email still looks like a witty social media handle from the early days, change it ASAP. Make sure it includes your first name and last name, or at least your initials and last name. Also, use a reliable mail provider like Google.

Your font choice is outdated, cluttered, or unprofessional

We’ve heard HR horror stories about resumes submitted in Comic Sans. Don’t do that. Most recruiters don’t mind a traditional Times New Roman or Arial, either. But who wants to keep using basic and old fonts, right? Use modern and sleek typefaces to stand out from the rest.

You listed down every single job you’ve had

Only list down job experiences that are relevant to what you’re applying for. Sure you’ve bagged a lot of internships, but choose what will relate to the industry you’re entering. It might just look like you’re going for the page length.

There are no dates in your resume

People need to know when and how long you worked at a certain place. The same thing goes for your education. When did you graduate, or when are you graduating? Recruiters look for job experience and your skill set, which you gain over time at a certain field or workplace.

Everything is disorganized or not in order

Make sure the sections in your resume have an organized flow and go from general to specific. Your name, title, contact details,  and education should be at the top. Follow that with your job experiences in chronological order from most recent.

There are skills listed that are no longer in demand

It’s the 21st century and the digital age. Avoid listing down proficiency in programs that are no longer commonly used. As for soft skills, try not to state the obvious like “problem-solver” or “communication skills,” which can be assumed from your experience.

Your job descriptions are vague—or just nonexistent

Always include a brief description of your experience. It can be in bullet points or a quick paragraph. Make sure it’s concise and specific. Usually, these will be verifiable and quantifiable accomplishments or tasks.

You put a photo in your resume

This is up for debate, though, depending on where you’re applying. The traditional answer is, no, don’t put a picture, because it can create bias or assumptions. Unless you’re up for something like a modeling gig or customer service.

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