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5 Meditation Apps for Students in Distress

College life can really be stressful. All those sleepless nights, tight deadlines, tiring commute and demanding projects could definitely take a toll on you. Forgetting to take a pause for a quick breather could be detrimental for both your physical and mental health. A great way to relax and keep some balance in check is to meditate.

According to research, meditating helps achieve better focus, increases your IQ levels and significantly reduces stress, anxiety and symptoms of ADHD. Not only does it help you with various neurological diseases, it also lowers the risk of having cardiovascular diseases like hypertension.

Meditation may seem like an intimidating concept especially to those who have never done it before. But this practice could be learned easily and is readily accessible at your fingertips. The following is a list of meditation and relaxation applications you can download straight to your mobile device:


1. Calm

This app promises to make meditations easier. Calm comes with different sounds to help you sleep well. You could also do some fun breathing exercises to make sure you’re in your zone.

2. Mindbody

Unlike other meditation apps, this one allows you to be more active as it involves some physical activities while you meditate!

3. Headspace

What makes this app unique is its holistic approach to meditation. There are exercises that allow you to listen, speak up and just simply drift away in your thoughts. The instructions are very clear-cut and easy to do. It’s a lot more interactive and fun – which you might notice instantly after seeing cute cartoons on the interface!

4. Buddhify

Feeling down? Stressed out? There are days when it’s hard to pinpoint why you’re feeling the way you feel. Good thing, whether you’re at school, at home or in bed – this app has customized exercises for the situation you are in.

5. The Mindfulness App

The Mindfulness App definitely has its way of making use of all the senses. It allows you to be, well, more mindful of your surroundings. It provides therapeutic exercises, and even features views you need at the moment but don’t have the time to head to. Exercises could last up to 30 minutes long or 3 minutes short! This is definitely an app for someone who can’t commit to a specific meditation schedule.

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