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Here’s Why STEM Rocks According to SHS Students

It wasn’t too long ago when the K-12 system was introduced to the Philippines. Your 2-year Senior High track is supposed to help you prepare for your next steps. Whether you’re heading to college, getting employed, or starting a business, these last two years should be able to equip you for that.

There are four strands under the academic strand. One of them is STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. If you’re interested in becoming a pilot, an architect, a marine biologist, a chemist, an astrophysicist, a doctor, or a nurse among many others, then you should definitely read this.

STEM seems a bit intimidating, but it’s a lot of fun.

Athena Yvonne B. Durian, 18, taking STEM strand at Datamex Institute of Computer Technology

She says that she’s interested a lot in Science, but not so much in Math. According to her, “Some say they hate math that’s why they don’t want to be a STEM student, but it’s fun.”

Angela Nicole Isabel Ferrer, 16, taking STEM strand at Ateneo de Manila Senior High School

For her, it’s Engineering that interests her the most in STEM. “It actually further enhances one’s knowledge in Science and Mathematics, which will help for college life—especially if one hopes to pursue courses like engineering, medicine, etc.”

Patricia Emanuelle A. Perez, 18, taking STEM strand at University of the Philippines Diliman

She believes that the STEM field is diverse. “It allows a student to discover which specific part of STEM and which particular field of study they want to focus on.” The UP freshman also thinks that “STEM is transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary.” This means that it also crosses with other academic strands. “It allows a student to discover which specific part of STEM and which particular field of study they want to focus on.”

We know you’re probably worried about how difficult it is to get through two years of STEM. Ferrer confirms this. “One of the challenges of being a STEM student in SHS is the amount of workload and information one has to process. Science and Math have always been considered difficult subjects, which means having a strand that is focused on the two is difficult as well.”

STEM students are expected to produce several researches that may be quantitative, qualitative, language based or scientific. Sure, it sounds like a lot to take in, but before you write off this challenging strand, take heed from her words. “STEM is a hard strand to take but it is fulfilling and definitely worth the tears and the sacrifices.”

And that’s not to say your hard work will go unrewarded.

In fact, Durian declares that after SHS, she will be “a lady with a lot of knowledge in Science and Math.” That’s someone who will be prepared to take on the STEM-related courses in college.

Durian has this to share for future STEM-SHS students, “Study hard, focus and let them believe that the most hated subject which is math, is fun to learn.” Ferrer also believes this. “I just want to say that hard work has more importance than intelligence alone. It will be difficult and challenging, but it will be worth it.”

Let Perez inspire you to take on the challenge. “STEM is difficult but intelligence is not measured by a number on a piece of paper. You go to school to learn, not to memorize no matter how much it seems like everything is just memorization. Learn the concepts. Don’t just memorize the terms. Take charge and strive to learn and grow. Don’t be complacent. STEM is ever growing and ever-changing and you should be too.”


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