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The Big 4: US Schools Sporting Great Athletics Programs!

Did you know that the USA is known for housing some of the oldest universities in the world, along with traditions like student athletics? When enrolling, you should consider the ability to engage in sports programs at college, especially if you wish to pursue club or varsity sports at an undergraduate level. 

Whether you’re looking into a school’s sports management program because you are a fan of various athletics or wish to train in sports, you can check out the top four US schools for college athletics here. Niche ranked US colleges based on their athletics programs. These rankings were compiled based on student reviews, performance in national championships, athletic department revenue, and athletic participation rates. 

1. University of Florida 

US Schools: University of Florida

Want to be a Florida Gator? The University of Florida was ranked by Niche as the top school in the state. A four-year university in Gainesville, the schools identified as public and has over 31,000 undergraduate students enrolled. If you’re into biology, psychology, liberal arts, and humanities, this is the school for you. To top it off, the University of Florida is also part of the NCAA Division I-FBS and the southeastern athletic conference. 

A senior from the university said,

The University of Florida is one of the top universities in the country. The academics are amazing here and it is also very easy to get involved on campus. There are plenty of different clubs and organizations to choose from, you are bound to find one that you like. In addition, the atmosphere of the campus is incredible. Everyone is proud to be a Florida Gator, and it shows.”

2. University of Alabama 

While Alabama may be known as the rocket capital of the world, it also has some pretty good sports universities. A four-year public institution, the University of Alabama is located in Tuscaloosa and has over 29,000 undergraduate students enrolled. Those students typically major in business, finance, and marketing. The university is ranked as the third-best in the state and participates in the NCAA Division I-FBS as well as the southeastern athletic conference. 

A freshman at the University of Alabama said,

“At the University of Alabama, the buildings and landscaping are second to none. The gracious Denny chimes send spectacular harmonies throughout the beautiful campus. With students wandering about at every moment, plenty of things to do, and an impeccable football team, this campus has it all.” 

3. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Join the tar heels! The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is ranked in the top 7 of public universities in America and is located in the Raleigh area of the state. It is a four-year university with over 18,000 undergraduate students. Communications, biology, and psychology are some popular majors at the university. Similar to the past mentioned schools, UNC Chapel Hill participates in the NCAA Division I-FBS athletics but varies in that it is part of the Atlantic coast conference. 

A junior from the university shared,

I have loved my time at UNC so far. My first year was very difficult, but that was because college is such a hard adjustment and I was also taking the wrong classes. Now that I am in a major I enjoy and am taking classes I am interested in, I love being at UNC. Although it is a very difficult school, and sometimes it is too hard for no reason, I believe that it will all be worth it after I graduate because the school will provide me with great opportunities because of its academic reputation.” 

4. Louisiana State University 

Louisiana has so much more than festivals to offer. Louisiana State University is the top public university in the state and is located in Baton Rouge. With over 22,000 undergraduate students, the large university offers popular majors such as physical education teaching and coaching, biology, and communications. In terms of athletics, LSU is part of the NCAA division I-FBS and the southeastern conference. 

A freshman at LSU said,

The hospitality, games, and the food is amazing! There’s always something to do on campus, whether it be volunteering or athletic games. There’s always free food and shirts being given out. Also, there are so many resources that will help you academically. The best part about LSU is the Tiger spirit at the games. The football, basketball, gymnastics, baseball, and softball games are always full of so much energy. They are always fun to go to.”

Whether you are a student-athlete or sports aficionado, colleges in the US surely have much to offer any incoming college student that wishes to combine sports with academics. This is by no means a list of all US colleges with athletics departments, as there are hundreds of universities in the US with their own specific sports programs and cultures. 

Before you apply to a school abroad, it’s important to not just consider academic but also extracurricular aspects of what life will be like there. If visiting a school isn’t feasible, make the most of online resources that could help you find your best college fit! 

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