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5 Student Productivity Tips for the Holidays

Getting into holiday mode is a piece of Christmas cake. What’s trickier is getting out of it. See, a lot of people talk about how to transition from study mode to holiday mode. Or from holiday mode to school mode. They never really give productivity tips for people who are already in holiday mode.

So here we are, getting ahead of the game. Is it achievable? Absolutely.

It’s all about managing your distractions and triggers. Here are some productivity tips for the holidays. Let us guide your study sesh tonight!

Leave the holiday vibes at home (or for your breaks)

If it’s not that simple, have a decompressing routine. Do this on the way or when you get to school It could be jamming to a couple of songs to get a groove on or get relaxed again. Or maybe pulling out a journal to list down your goals or gratitude points for the day.

If you want to get in the holiday spirit, go all out during your recess or lunch break. It’s okay to be festive, so long as it doesn’t pull you out of your classes.

Set intentions and expectations before you set your tasks

A to-do list exists so you can pay attention to what you need to do. But now that the holidays are on the horizon, your attention is scattered. That’s why you need to list your intentions and expectations first. What do you hope to focus on today? How do you want to feel at the end of the day? It’s a way to set your goals and at the same time go easy on yourself if you don’t get everything done.

Keep your environment tinsel and distraction-free

If you feel mentally cluttered, maybe your space is also cluttered. So it’s time to do a bit of tidying up. Keep the decor to a minimum. Have only the things you’re working on in front of you. The same goes for your digital space. Sort out your tabs and keep your phone at bay until needed.

Know your triggers and watch out for them

We’re loving lists in this guide. Note down the things that get you distracted. Avoid them with all your might. If you can’t, at least have a battle plan for when you run into those triggers. Sudden notifications can be beaten by 10-minute breaks for reply time. For web-based distractions, use a browser extension like the site blocker Strict Workflow.

Set aside pockets of ultra-focus time for just getting work done

Just as you have breaks that you love and respect, set aside a period of time—say 30 minutes to an hour—for getting in the zone. Drop everything and work. No social media, no talking, no distractions. You’ll find yourself struggling with the silence at first and then you’ll slowly build up momentum.

If you end up getting in a state of pure focus, good job! If not, at least you dedicated and respected this time and space to your work! We’ve got more tips and survival guides to check out on our College Life and Career Conversations sections! Hope this gets you in the zone. Happy holidays, from Team Edukasyon.ph!